Logging & Landclearing Forestry Equipment

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Logging & Land Clearing


We are fully insured with no risk to our customers. We are very proud of an excellent safety record, having won a safety award for the year 2012 from the Lumberman's Insurance Trust Fund. Being completely mechanized means we can work cleanly, efficiently and quickly. Our professional land-clearing methods results in faster project completion and lower cost, and our equipment can conquer almost any terrain.

Our Rolly 2 processing head can cut and process 800 trees, up to 30 inch in diameter on almost any terrain in an 8 hour work shift. The advantage of a processing head is it processes the whole tree at the stump leaving only branches. We use a forwarder that will pick processed trees and carry them to the landing for minimal disturbance to surrounding area.

Our bar saw head is for select thinnings and able to cut and handle the big timber while working with a team of skidders (dual arch grapple and cable). Trees cut with the bar saw head are skidded to the landing at tree length without tops. A loader with a slasher saw cuts the wood to grade leaving only blocks for cleanup which are then removed. In most cases all wood harvested whether it's logs, pulpwood, or firewood are loaded onto our trucks for immediate removal.

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